She thought for a while and then proceeded “Do you really think it’s rather a problem of mindset, social system set up or scarce job opportunities?” my work colleague asked me in a rather casual discussion about different work attitudes during our lunch break. The discussion was very interesting which is what actually inspired me to get back on this horse (writing). Thanks Claire.

We have all been down this lane of looking for a job right after or/and before finishing college and we know how unfriendly it can get. To some it’s not as unfriendly though, but, either way it’s less likely to come on a silver plate.
Ask yourself what could have been your longest period in searching for a job? Assuming you got it no matter how long it took you to get it, how dear and close did you hold it? Did you get too comfortable to remember how badly you needed it in the first place and what a tough hustle it was getting it?

My point here is that getting a job nowadays is more than a climb to the peak of mountain Everest, to the very worst while bear footed. When some of us have the dice flipping in our favor and get that job, not necessarily our dream or averagely desirable jobs, we in turn care less about the trauma of not actually having one. Think about it, you got that one job after a series of other failed job applications and unsuccessful interviews. It could be fitting your qualification or you are even less qualified for it, so to speak.
A job that millions of other young stars, in more or less cases are more qualified than you, are craving for but does not haunt you enough to raid you out of your comfort zone. Thing is right after getting it, you praise and worship God for answering your prayer. Sooner than later, your perception about it changes goal posts, you think it’s boring, next thing you start racing with the clock cursing why time is slow and it never gets to 5pm.

Instead of finishing your tasks, you prefer to push them to the next day and the best news for you daily is that clock ticking 5pm, time to go home. It’s not about what time it is rather than what work have I accomplished. You deliberately accord less value and meaning to your job, taking it for a derail, forgetting how cumbersome finding one, not to mention living without one is in this crazy life.

Rather than holding that job dear to us, work hard like it’s the only one we will ever get, try to maximize our potential, use that; no matter what an unpleasant job it is, to get us better opportunities, we get reluctant on fulfilling our tasks and duties and continuously complain about everything there is to it. It’s our comfort zone that will drag us down to the peril of sorrow losers

The same job we can’t do anything but complain about is the same job that feeds us, enables us to send money to family and relatives, helps us meet our medical bills, got us our first pair of shoes that makes us shine at parties, to the very least enables us to afford mobile phone units for texts and calls. Could not be enough to get us our dream life and fantasies but allows us capture the sunrise the following morning. More so, not all of us are brave, confident and smart enough to re-invent ourselves in to mere entrepreneurs.
Therefore if we don’t have a better choice at hand/ready there, I suggest we that we unreservedly protect what we already have before it slips between our fingers and we blunder back in the mud of job hunting.

In my experience, it hurts so much looking for a job but all in vain, but it’s even worse losing a job when there is not another for us right away; forcing our transitional unemployment to hit us hard and long enough to regret and wish we could get less desirable jobs than our previous ones.

If you are willing to coddle in the luxury of your comfort zone at work as if there is nothing to improve or for fight for and the reality before you clouded by false imagination of mixed self-satisfaction and job dissatisfaction given the disastrous effects of being jobless then you are a true disciple of miserable failure. Well, ultimately your indecisive satisfaction is the death of desire for development.

The essence is to put extra efforts and have a clean and positive attitude in whatever seemingly horrible job you have. It’s that same so called “stupid job” that will see you to what you refer to a “better job”. You just have to give it your best unconditionally.