ThanksThank you all dear esteemed readers for your patience. You have been long waiting to hear from me and you have not given up. And, I have thought of no greater and valuable gift to present to you other than Thank you which led me to thinking of the significance of such a seemingly simple but powerful expression. Take a moment to reflect a speck more on the often underrated Thank you. Thinking about it got me drifting my mind to random scenarios of abandoned gratitude. Couple of days ago I was attending a social event in the outskirts of Kigali. While trekking through streets I lost my way to the venue-Shocked? Don’t be, stuff happens. I decided to ask a random cyclist by the road side for directions. He could tell from the perplexed look on my face that I needed help (No objection on that). Kindly, he pointed and offered a few directions which by the way finally got me at the venue. But what did I do? I absorbed his response with great focus and walked away. I did not say thank you. I was wrapped up in myself that I forgot to say it. Not a terribly big deal, really. I imagine we have all found ourselves at one time or another absorbed in the importance of what we have been doing that somehow thank you vanishes. Thank you holds an unusual position in any matter or transaction for that case. Think about it — by the time you speak it, you probably already have what you came for. A cynic could even say its water under the bridge. Quite often we make a request/s explicit or implicit of someone to do something for us but because of our innate capacity of taking things for granted, we fail to acknowledge someone for doing something for us. That acknowledgement is the right thing to do. Take an example of someone doing his/her job for instance a waiter refilling your water glass or your house boy(“Kadogo”) serving you dinner, what harm/pain is inflicted by simply saying thank you? Surely its someone’s job but does that make him/her any less deserving of gratitude for doing it and for making our lives just a little bit easier? If we don’t acknowledge our thanks, I’m thinking we lose a human moment, a human connection — those tiny little fragments of our humanity. Some people say thank you because they want the other person to know that they value what they have done for them and, may be, encourage them to offer help again in future. Totally valid. A genuine thank you comes with a nice and friendly feeling to both the giving and receiving parties. Remember to say thank you. As a traveling enthusiast and, may be even some of you are as well. Among the things I think of before I set for voyage, is how to say that simple expression (thank you) in the local language of a respective destination simply because I value its significance. It is important. In winding up, let us all agree that with such a simple expression, satisfaction is affirmed, respect is understood, roads of goodwill are paved and we are bound to one another just a little bit more than we otherwise might have been. So, all that jotted, I thank you for taking your precious time to stop by. Make time to say thank you to someone before the day ends and tell them why. It might be the best thing you will have done the entire day. Feel free to start by thanking me!