I don’t know what is worse; Lots of regretful life moments, worrying about what tomorrow will bring or the fear of stepping out to celebrate a single moment of life. Whatever the case, the sunshine will still shine tomorrow and the birds will sing.
It is quite clear that you will not live twice and less likely that you will live for more than 100 years, not even if you bribed the almighty which is most certainly impossible.

If you are a slave to and haunted by your past, characterized with regrets, I suggested you get off that bus and hop on the one for Celebrating life because there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

I am not writing this because I lead the happiest of lives, the ‘on cloud nine’ or ‘tickled pink’ type. I am only a guy who lives a life more or less similar to yours; it’s just that I choose to celebrate it even at the lowest point of it.

You see, if there is anything that life has taught me, it’s the fact that it is too important to take it seriously. Use all your energy taking life seriously but one thing I sure know is that you will never make it out of it alive. And so, I say take that glass of life and celebrate it when you still can because you will not afford a refill.

Sometimes I question myself if I should measure life by the number of breathes I take or by the moments that take my breath away? The former wouldn’t let me write this, look at myself in the mirror before I walk out, smoke a cigar(if at all I did), order a bottle of Guinness.. arghh, my bad, a bottle of coke, flirt with bimbos(if there were any), or even recite a prayer…blah blah blah because I would be busy counting every breath. Can you believe that!

On the other hand, the later would with no doubt open me to a life of celebrations. Moments that take your breathes away in life will hold on to you when you are down and from them you gather yourself to get back up. If you wanna get up again, come on, celebrate that life.

Imagine yourself in your 80’s, looking at that picture or memory of any sort with you and your family, friends, wife/husband ex, etc celebrating a life moment back in time, wouldn’t you feel a live and forever young like the Jayz hit? Now, stop imagining and get that life celebrated before it’s drawn out of you.

If you hoping to travel to, own, earn, win or consume happiness, I suggest you try a different planet because happiness is that spiritual satisfaction experienced in every minute of life celebrating moments of love, grace, gratitude, name it. So, why not throw your hands in the air and celebrate life and experience that happiness.

Even the famous American singer and song writer, Pharrell Williams puts it out the world that life is worth celebrating with his ‘happy’ song which lifts us up in to celebrations of what defines happiness to our lives.

The young, middle aged and old have different ways of celebrating life despite the level of living standard or how much burdens. Some choose to celebrate it by drinking wine, be it locally brewed or whatever, eat good food, engage in games/sports, spend quality time with good friends or family, smile, laugh, travel the world, dance to their favorite style, sing listen to their favorite tunes, do what they love, so on and so forth. Now, enough of planning and thinking, get out there and celebrate your life.

In the events of life turning in to a heavy and unbearable storm and nothing else in view but only darkness, I choose to be the guy who dares the storm and lives rather than stay sheltered on shore and merely exist because then I can look back and have a reason to celebrate my living. At times you don’t need to find a reason, it finds you and what do you do? Celebrate that life moment.

You work your ass off to make ends meet, study hard to earn that degree, do crazy stupid things to win that girl’s/boy’s heart and explorer the world to record history but would all that matter or be of value to you if it didn’t draw you to celebrations with your family and friends exchanging hugs and smiles? Yes, the taste of desired success might be far from reach but do you kill yourself over it, NO? So dive in and celebrate life.

We all have our moments when we believe that the best option is the earth to open up and swallow us and declare our roads to have hit the end button but believe me, that’s what part of life is and if you find yourself in that state, then consider yourself alive for your have probably reached one terminal point of life (Bottom/depression) and headed for the other terminal point (Top/boom) because once you have hit the bottom, you cannot go any lower, you can only go up. So, cheer up, smile and Celebrate life

I wish I could continue and not unplug your reading cable by cutting this scene short but forgive me I have another avenue to celebrate life. But endeavor to remember that you only live once but if you do it right and celebrate it, once is enough.