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Ohh Rotary, what can I say and what can I not say? Words fail me yet I have to find tongue and pronounce your magnificence even though words can hardly unwrap it all.

Ohh Rotary with you, the beginning and the end bear similarity with the difference for they are all happy and pleasing parts of your story, told all around the world.

Rotary Rotary…you have brought us together and made us family, a family that we neither had nor wish to leave, a crosscutting family that we meet to rejoice, celebrate, learn, share, grow, and develop irrespective of our differences no matter how tiny or huge. A family we call home and proud to be associated with.

Ohh Rotary what part of life doors have you not knocked on? What part of the world has your voice not been heard? What sort of global friendship and International family have you not created? What sort of life have you not changed or about to light up?

Rotary Rotary…you have seen us to transform in to exemplary leaders, made us global citizens and not to mention the extent of importance we feel to our society.

Rotary Rotary…..because of you libraries(sources of knowledge) flourish like the wild plants on banks of lakes, limbs have been replaced, bridges constructed, peace restored valuable friends made and now Polio pushed to the edge of vanishing from the face of earth….ohhhh Rotary. The young and old, short and tall, rich and poor, black and white, male and female all smilingly utter out how good and helpful you (Rotary) are.

Ohh…Rotary, to the communities you are a true source of positive change, a definition of hope and inspiration, who is to say otherwise?

Your endeavored and tireless commitment towards Service Above self to the communities and families reach millions of those who fall under need, aspiring for excellence in making the world a better place.

Every year you give the world new hopes reflected in your various themes of; from Reach with in to embrace humanity, Peace Through Service, Engage Rotary Change Lives to Lighting Up Rotary and many more before and after said.

Oh Rotary, to you we run for endless fun and shoulders to lean on, for your beauty is mirrored in the people we meet, friends we make, lives we change and who we become as we fellowship through service.

If the seas and oceans were ink, I could drain them all writing about you and still have more words to Light you up.

Long Live Rotary International, Long live Rotary, Long live Rotaract,  Long live Interact.