934579I pray my drinking friends don’t skin me alive for this. But I honestly have nothing against your tipsy tendencies and regretful hangovers; after nights of bottoms up among other subsequent things that you in, most cases don’t recall at all. My mind was induced and set to this purpose after reading my friends’ (PKO) blog about why he drinks.

As a non drinker, without any personal grudge, religious ties or cultural norms restraining me from drinking, I felt the need to bake a simple, friendly and reasonable note in response though i have a feeling this might cost me a round or so. Remember, this is for the sake of your safety.That is how much I care about you, which you might choose to say that you don’t need but at least let me do it.

But how could a guy who has never tested alcohol possibly know a thing about it? Truth is I invested my time in hanging out with several drinkers, especially the ones I am sure would deep a hand in a furnace for a single sip. I actually made sure that we have these conversations far from bottles and glasses and, at the peak of their sobriety so as not have influenced information. This writing is not entirely based on my personal comprehension of the drinking society but also on the conscious minds of my bottle loving friends.
First, I am quite aware that alcohol is part of culture here and there around the world, also that it helps groups and individuals celebrate and socialize, and it enhances religious ceremonies which give it global attention and popularity. But does that give it the right to lead us to trouble land?
I wish I could give you enough reasons to help you quit drinking. But even though I did, the ultimate decision to quit or not quit lies with you. Mine is just to remind you of the same catastrophes you encounter (for drinkers) or you will encounter (for you thinking of starting to drink). It is funny how our beloved drinkers take comfort in the term ‘Moderate Drinking’ as an excuse to stop by the counter and order a cold beer or anything of the sort.

What I do not understand is in what standard unit do we measure ‘Moderate?’. Fact is every drinking spree that leads to a drunk dial, a fight with a friend, unprotected sex, trusting your life to a drunk driver or losing your virginity to a stranger starts with the so called moderate drinking.
Take for instance a second and imagine, you’re chatting with friends at a party and a waitress comes around with a tray full of bottles/glasses of booze. You drink one, then another, maybe even a few more. Before you realize it, you are laughing more loudly than usual and swaying as you walk.By the end of the evening, you are too slow to move out of the way of a waiter with a dessert tray and have trouble speaking clearly. The next morning, you wake up feeling dizzy and your head hurts. You may have a hard time remembering everything you did the night before. Everyone who has been drunk enough to get wasted, has a horror story.

What people don’t understand about booze is that it plays a dirty trick on you: it can make you feel more confident and cool, when to outside observers you’re slowly turning into a slurring, stumbling, red-faced mess. And if you pass out from drinking, you’ve basically transformed from an intelligent human being into a canvas for Sharpies and whatever other gross stuff people want to put on you. Do you want to look like yourself, or do you want to look like one of the sorry people throwing up in their friends’ house and they probably don’t recall a thing.

Getting drunk often means waking up the next morning with a couple of calls or texts in your phone log that you totally regret sending. They can range in cringe-worthiness from begging your ex to take you back, to revealing your feelings to your crush, to apologizing to your mom for being such a disappointment. Since leaving your cell phone at home probably isn’t an option, your best bet to avoid drunk dialing is to not get drunk in the first place.

I realized that when people are drunk, they don’t taken in or care that friends or strangers are taking pictures of them but those photos could come back to haunt you in a terrible way. Drunken pictures have cost people their careers, reputations, credibility name it. And since cameras are everywhere, drinking at a party pretty much guarantees there w’ll be evidence of it on Facebook or a whatsapp group the next day.

We have to agree that the more you drink, the worse your judgment is, and the more likely you’ll do stupid stuff that you’ll hate yourself for tomorrow (or even for the rest of your life). But must you really choose that road, just don’t drink and you will have less things to regret in life.
Did you know that every time you drink, your brain dies a little? Well you could visit google and read what experts have to say about it but first, rely on what I tell you for its equally true and important for your health.

Drinking just once a week has been shown to cause long-term brain damage especially in young people. Drinking too much now while your brain is still forming and when you get to your adult years, you’ll have more trouble completing difficult tasks, processing information and making decisions than the young people around you now who aren’t getting drunk. More further, Experts say the global burden of disease and injury attributable to alcohol is large and growing.

In 2010, alcohol was responsible for 5.5 percent of this overall burden, third after high blood pressure and tobacco smoking — among 67 risk factors overall. Actually it is a proven fact that alcohol consumption has been found to cause more than 200 different diseases and injuries
If you are still thinking of ordering another bottle after reading this so far, tell me I stop here so I can go hiking or shooting some pool.

People have different reasons why they drink say like; doing away with a bad mood stressful day or drive away horrible/memories of sadness. But isn’t true that drinking may trigger memories of past traumatic experiences that involve alcohol, leading to greater distress, increased shame, depression, anxiety or worse? Think about it.
A friend of mine once told me that drinking helps him provide short-term relief when he is anxious, however, it in turn leads to rebound anxiety, which makes matters worse.

Nowadays some people solicit or lure friends in to lending them money immediately/urgently with reason convincingly equivalent to solving the world’s worst problem but in the actual sense they want to quench the thirst and satisfy the addiction. Funny thing is when time to give back the money comes, their cell phones die a natural death, their social media accounts take vacation and tracing them becomes literally impossible. They simply disappear from the face of earth. God I am never gonna drink.

Have you ever paused for a moment and thought of how it is a really disturbing feeling trying to hide the evidence of your love for booze from family, colleagues, boss or events when drinking becomes prohibited/restricted?. You do a lot and get far in hiding it all, say like in drawers, back shelf, an empty juice or soda bottle (Coke Zero) etc. But why all that hustle? Just quit drinking and live a free and happier life.

I am not sure I can exhaust this to the bottom of it all right now but I am quite certain that you are thinking of revising your drinking habits already to be sober for some time longer or thinking of a friend to save from getting himself wasted somewhere in the neighborhood.
My simple advice to you is that just because there’s alcohol around you, that doesn’t mean you have to drink it – it’s pretty easy to say no and drink some soda, which is full of aspartame but the consequences are less harmful than that of alcohol or drink something else. But don’t do it just because I said so. Do it because getting drunk could make your night (and possibly a lot of nights after it) a whole lot worse