Now I can cross flying from my list of things to do before I dine and ‘hi5’ with angels in heaven. Two things now left on the list. On the same note, going to a strip dance club and getting a lap dance should vanish from my list of places to go to. That leaves me with several more like the Chinese great wall, the Egyptian pyramids, the Aso and Zuma rock formations in Abuja, Mecca and the Eifel tower in Paris, at least for now. Every journey starts with the first step, surely I have taken mine but should I be worried that, that first step was taken with several nude girls wobbling and humping all over me? I guess not.  IMG00676-20140414-1214

You see the thing about flying is that no matter how good a story about it is told, it can never near the actual feeling one experiences while flying. Not even when told by the world’s greatest story teller.
On the 06 April, 2014 I had a flight to catch from Kigali Rwanda to Yaounde, Cameroon through Libreville with Rwandair Boeing 737 700 series. But Rwandair was to stop at Doula then get a connecting flight-Camair Co to Yaounde, my final destination. I was travelling for Rotary International District Conference for RI District 9150 comprised of 10 countries; Rwanda,Cameroon Burundi, Gabon, Tchad, DRC, Sao tome and Principal, Central African Republic, Guinea equatorial and Congo Brazzaville.
Lets get straight to it, the check in and airport security procedures are not that exciting. I made sure that I sit on the window so I could be able to see everything. Time to take off, the captain has switched on the seat belt sign, tighten your seat belt and pay attention to instructions given by stewardesses/steward. IMG-20140408-WA010

The point of actually taking off, like wheels off ground is a disturbing phenomena for first timers. Your head goes in spinning mode, you hold on to your sit so tight clearly convinced that you might fall off, your head strongly leaned against the top part of the seat and your heart pounding hard. Your neighbor finds no trouble figuring out that it’s your first time flying with all that nervous look on your face.

The scary part is you looking down the ground as the plane takes off. On the contrary, it’s so amazing to see everything from above wondering if it’s actually true that you up are up in the sky. The higher the plane goes, the more it stabilizes and takes normal course, at least you tell yourself that. Stewardesses welcome you and give you details of the flight like duration of flight, altitude etc.

Flying at an altitude of 11886 meters high and a speed of 800km/h, it is challenging to imagine that the plane is that fast because to your eyes it seems rather slower than a tortoise as it is opposed to looking at it from down below on the ground while it swiftly swims in the sky. The higher you go the smaller the objects below get, becoming tiny randomly dotted particles on green surface. All that is clear to you is the sky and the clouds.

The sky is totally different from the earth; it is 100 times more magnificent and beautiful. The window seat allowed me a perfect view of the sky which is why everything I am telling is as it is and no fiction. Clouds formation of completely irregular but pleasant to the eye shapes steal your attention leaving you perplexed and amused by God’s power of creation. So many different shapes of clouds occupy the sky. Some form layers of whitish fur-like beddings floating in space barely allowing you a view of the earth below. Others appear like drumlin hills connected together and firmly fitted in space. IMG00665-20140414-1053

The creamy-milky rolling humps of clouds pausing in considerable distance from each other in the sky have an unequaled exquisiteness. They can be viewed more spaced from one another in a close distance and less spaced, squeezing close to each other as they draw further to the softly sky blue horizon depicting an incredibly spectacular view. God the sky is beautiful!.

The sun artistically paints a side of the thick opaque clouds light and the other one dark depending on the sun’s direction making you want to look at the feature forever. Where the clouds are thin and transparent, you catch a fairly clear view of the geographical physical features of mother earth at their best sight like headlands, bays, river meanders and while looking closely, my face slightly attached to the window glass, I saw a feature that I highly suspect could have been a coral reef down the waters.
If you flanked in your physical geography lessons back in high school and your best score was most definitely a ‘D’, you are surely not to blame. Blame falls on failure to have the field work studies in the sky because it’s only the sky that can give a perfect connection between theory and reality. IMG-20140408-WA005

If I had a chance to go back to high school, my physical geography grades would have been totally different, that is from ‘B’s to ‘A’s because I could literally see a bunch features and lines of their descriptions running through my mind. To be crystal clear about the sky and flying, there is no description that can do justice to the feeling of being up in the sky flying. I wish I could tell the story much better, perhaps a much able hand can fill in. One important thing that I can’t forget to mention is the excellent and outstanding Rwandair’s in-flight amenities. From meals to seats to entertainment to comfort and to professional way of handling passengers by the crew. The service is indeed impeccable. I would not wish to pull the plug off for my esteemed reader by pausing this story here but i really have to go for prayers, will be right back.