ImageAt the end of the day, u choose to brand your day good(light) or bad(dark) or, even a mixture of the two(5050). So you can choose to tell someone about it from the dark, light or 5050 side of it. But all in all, everyday comes to pass, no matter the outcome. The unfortunate part of my last 2 days is that they inevitably signed up on the dark side. However, lessons have been recorded making me a lot stronger.
Both days have been characterized by a sequence of terrible and nerve wrecking scenarios, one after another. It is natural for us to encounter such things and deal with them but some of them weigh heavily on your mind and you find places like this a perfect spot for you to rest them so that good people like you can read them and make comments of ‘grow up, ‘sorry’ or ‘that’s life Vumi’. let me not bore you with every single detail.
I have a full time job that calls for my attention and besides that, i am a Rotaractor, part of the Rotary movement. google can be helpful to shade more light on what Rotaract and Rotary are. Only good stuff, if i were you and not a member i would be joining that fraternity right away. I hope my boss does not read this. For two days i literally put my job duties on hold in pursue of the biggest post in ROTARACT, The District Rotaract Representative(DRR). A Rotary district is a a  collection of several countries, headed by a District Governor who is always a Rotarian in charge of all the Rotary Clubs in a particular District. The DRR is in charge of the young version of all Rotary Clubs, that is  Rotaract clubs in a particular District, in this case i was chasing to be the DRR for District 9150 composed of 11 countries, my country Rwanda Inclusive.
Now that i have given you all the above background, allow me to lead you through the darkness, don’t be afraid i will be with you all the way, i need you to read this to the end, just make sure you are hypertension free.
The journey to being DRR had a lot of paper work in form of qualification criteria which i had to meet like recommendations, certificates, application letters etc. Days already closed in to deadline, pressure of wanting to complete everything in a short time mounted, panic was inevitable.

First i needed financial support to facilitate my travel from Kigali to Yaounde for the District Conference where i was to be Voted in as DRR. More to that i needed recommendations and certifications from different authoritarians to prove myself a qualified candidate for the DRR Position. And that’s where everything goes dark. I started playing hide and seek with my boss. My attention wholly immersed deep in the chase of my once in a life time dream, completely ignoring my bread earner. The first bomb exploded when i wrote an email to a group of  concerned authoritarians humbly requesting for financial aid.

The reply was a total disaster, more than dreadful. I only had 6 hours to submit in my documents and successfully transfer district fees (120$) which was part of the prerequisites, not mention my flight ticket, registration, accommodation, Visa etc. While on a bike rushing to pick a loan from a friend to help me clear district fees, i got a call from my boss yelling that i had not been in office for 4 hours and no one seems to know my where bouts. I convinced him that i was meeting a client around town, at that moment i had stopped the biker and asked him to pack by the road side so that my boss couldn’t figure out that i am on the road. after the call, which i hope convinced him, i hopped back on the bike. I reached at my friend’s work place and he was not in office, his phone was off.

The clock is ticking, only 4 hours left. I had to find another way out. I had booked an appointment with one of the Authoritarians to sign on my recommendation letters. i received a text from him telling me to be at his office in 10 minutes without fail in order to get his signature because he had a flight to catch . Again i hopped on another bike, seconds after, i received another call from my boss demanding for my presence at the office in less than 10 minutes. I wished i could replicate in to two pieces of me so i could be in two different places at the same time, it was a hard decision to make of where i should go first. My boss had no flight to catch so i made him wait and went to get the signature which i indeed secured.

I rushed to the office and i arrived 20 minutes later after my bosses call. As soon as i stepped at the reception, there he was, his face filled with anger and his eyes nearly popping out of his orbits. ‘Where have you been?’ he asked. before i found the guts to answer, he shouted at me ‘In my office now’. i was really freaked out. As i tailed him up to his office a call from a friend who had promised to get me cash came in. A piece me of felt like not picking it and another one pushed to me picking it but i ended up picking it anyways. My friend wanted me to meet him at a certain restaurant in about 15 minutes to give me the money. I guaranteed him to be there shortly not knowing how long the meeting with my boss will take. ‘I have started to notice…’ my boss hard started lamenting before a guest he had been waiting for knocked on the door.

I must say the guest saved me from the rest of whatever my boss had to furiously charge me for. he asked me to excuse my self which i happily did. Immediately i rushed out go get the cash from my friend. Luckily, i found him and he handed the money to me as he muttered of how i should pay it back in time demanding for my word. 3 hours left. i went to Rwandair offices to book for my ticket even though i didn’t have the money for it. instead of missing the ticket i opted to go convince the person in charge of booking to secure a ticket for me and promised him to bring the money latest the following day.
I got back to office to work on a pitch that was meant to solicit for funds from my sponsor club to cater for my ticket, accommodation, and Visa. No sooner had i placed my fingers on the Key board than the power went off. I decided to go to the near by internet cafe that managed to have a generator. I quickly worked on the pitch and put it on a flash disk. surprisingly i didn’t receive any more calls from my boss, i guess he had gotten busier.
It occurred to me while on my back to the office from the internet cafe that i had not scanned my passport, certificates and all the letters. I headed home to pick my passport and returned to the internet cafe where i did all the scanning and attachments. 30 minutes left to the submitting of all documents and transferring the district fees to responsible personnel. At this point my neck tie had loosed and my shirt hanging lousy on my body and half tucked in, not to mention the sweat dripping all over my face. I searched for the nearest moneygram agent. The sum to be transferred and the involved charges mounted to more than i had.  I asked the lady at the teller to bare with me and do the paper work for me as i headed to the nearest ATM machine and she accepted, my she be blessed. Upon returning everything was ready and a transfer was successfully completed. i texted the recipient notifying him that i had sent the money. 10 minutes left to deadline.
I could not go back to the internet cafe because it was too far, so i went to the near by restaurant which is popularly know for its fast wi-fi. Power had come back. i got my laptop, signed in to my email, swiftly attached the documents and then sent it. 3 Minutes to deadline. I texted the recipient again notifying him that i had sent the documents. 2 minutes later i received a text confirming that he had received the money and the documents. A sigh of relief found its way through my gut. Now, the ticket, accommodation and the visa were left to finish. I went back to office and ran in to my boss by the reception. He asked me to see him the following day in his office.

I sat down and finished my pitch. That evening at a Rotary meeting, room filled with Rotarians, i started pitching about my need to go for the conference in Yaounde. Thank God i had talked to one of the senior Rotarians and he assured me of his support during my pitch at their meeting. He made it clear to every one that its important i go for the conference. His assurance was backed by my well revised pitch which left everyone convinced. After my 2 Minutes pitch, one by one, the Rotarians started pledging and giving in contributions in dollars and Rwandese francs, a faint smile ran on my face, i guess no one noticed that. Finally the sum was raised both in pledges and cash. i was to pick the entire sum the following day. The following morning i met my boss and he was rather calm and relaxed. He blamed me for a lot mistakes here and there to which i sincerely apologized before i presented to him an invitation letter to attend the one week Rotary conference in Yaounde to him.
He seemed astonished but decided to offer me the leave. I thank him for that despite the earlier mistreats. After the meeting i dealt with leave forms and after i got back on my travel quest. I moved from office to office picking money from rotarians that made pledges. I paused a little after i had gotten enough for the ticket. I made my way to Rwandair offices to book my ticket and it was all good. I again took tours in town collecting the money. I didn’t manage to get it all but at least i got most of it. The missing portion i used my savings to fill it up.
I couldn’t believe that it was all done and all that was left was making sure that all my stuff is well packed and ready for the travel. Finally the long dark filled days had come to pass. A lot of lessons were learned and obstacles overcome. You can do anything if you put your mind and heart to it. Don’t give up at anytime…..just keeping going no matter how many times you fall, keep your head up.

Catch me later on the ‘When i kissed the sky’ story, a product of this particular one.